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Özen İplik Wastewater Recovery System – İstanbul (300 m3/day)

Located in Istanbul Kıraç-Esenyurt, Özen İplik Textile Dyehouse Waste Water Recovery Facility operates for the purpose of recycling the industrial waste water from the plant after biological treatment processes with membrane technologies and reusing it in the process. Waste water coming from the facility is again served as high quality process water by passing through a special system called electrooxidation, micro disc sieve, biological treatment-MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) and 'fouling resistance reverse osmosis system'.

  • - Inlet Wastewater COD between 1000 – 5000 mg/L.
  • - MBR outlet is used as RO feedwater.
  • - RO filtrate is reused in processes within the factory.

The views of the effluent obtained from the system are given below.

Picture: System inlet water, GENMBR®️ outlet and RO outlet, respectively.

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