İSKİ AĞVA Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant MBR System Revision - Istanbul (8000 m3 / day)

The advanced biological treatment plant in Ağva, Istanbul was revised and MBR system was applied. GEN MBR 555 modules were preferred in the facility which was renewed for capacity increase. The system has an average capacity of 4000 and a maximum capacity of 8000 m3 / day. The top view of the treatment plant is given below.

Figure 1: İSKİ Agva advanced biological treatment plant.

The final sedimentation ponds in the facility were broken and made ready for the placement of membrane cassettes. Below are the revision views.

Figure 2: Final sedimentation tank arrangements

GEN MBR 555 modules were installed in the pool after the facility revision works. The following figure shows the placement of the modules in the pool.

Figure 3: Placing the GEN MBR 555 modules in the pool.

The image of GEN MBR modules in the pool is given below.

Figure 4: Overview of GEN MBR modules in the pool.

Figure 5: View of the MBR effluent.

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