Drinking Water And Wastewater Treatment Systems Project And Installation


As MEMSİS Çevre Teknolojileri, we create need or problem-specific designs in all companies we serve in the field of water and wastewater treatment. By keeping quality in the forefront with our expert engineer staff, the lowest cost and the longest lasting MBR systems We are with you. We provide services for state institutions, municipalities and private sector companies in the design of water and wastewater treatment plants, revision of treatment plants, capacity increase, water and wastewater recovery, and reuse in production processes.

Wastewaters are collected in two main groups as domestic and industrial. For both classes, compliance with the receiving environment discharge standards, which are strictly followed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization or Provincial Directorates of Environment, is required. This situation, which has become even more important with the environmental events experienced in recent times, requires more refinement of discharge standards, and as a result higher removal efficiencies. In the developing technology, the processes that provide the highest removal efficiency and the most cost-effective are the membrane processes. With membrane bioreactor systems designed with simplicity of installation and operation, low initial investment cost and reinforced, anti-clogging, long-lasting GENMBR® modules, we completely eliminate your discharge limit problem in the effluent.

In addition to wastewater treatment and recycling, we produce drinking and utility water, process water with membrane systems that we provide from sources such as clean water, surface water and ground water. The water needed for the enterprise is specially designed for the necessary criteria. We provide our valued customers by using advanced purification technologies. As a result of the increasing use of water in our country, we apply to balance the resource consumption and, in addition, to minimize the cost of the use of water, with our most suitable designs and best quality products.

With our environmental awareness with a sustainable approach, we continue our work on recycling issues rapidly. In the application of the MBR process, which is one of the first processes that come to mind when recycling is mentioned, Turkey's first domestically produced product, reinforced hollow fiber membrane GENMBR® modules with anti-clogging, antifouling is the most experienced and best quality in the sector. We are pleased to provide the service to our valued customers.

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