Membrane & Module Production


MEMSIS has successfully realized the production and commercialization of the first reinforced fiber membranes in our country. Membranes and modules are completely domestic production. All the know-how in the production process has been obtained in our country. The design of GENMBR® modules, which are designed, designed and installed in accordance with the required flow rate, target pollutant concentration values and discharge limits, has been given to MEMSIS. Reinforced hollow fiber membranes with antifouling properties against clogging and used inside are produced in the Tuzla facilities of MEMSIS.


Low Investment Cost

The membranes used in GENMBR® modules are developed and manufactured in Turkey. It provides a great advantage in the competitive market due to its low production cost.

Wastewater Recovery

Thanks to the excellent treatment efficiency with the GENMBR® system, the recovery of the effluent water suitable for irrigation, washing, process water, etc., reduces your water cost, which is one of the general operating costs of your facility. The GENMBR® you will operate with the savings from water recovery. system is able to pay for itself in short periods of up to 6 months.

5x Stronger Membranes

GENMBR® modules are reinforced with a special support PET layer and are 5 times more resistant to mechanical factors than normal hollow fiber membranes.

membran ---------------------PET TABAKASI DESTEKLİ---------------------> pet
Minimum Energy Requirement at Low Pressure and Operating Flow

Since GENMBR® systems are operated at low flux and low pressure, the required pump energy is reduced by 1/3 compared to other MBR systems available in the market.

Chemical Resistance

Thanks to the PVDF material used in GENMBR® modules, the modules have a very high resistance to chemicals and wastewater that poses a problem with chemical properties such as pH and conductivity. The wear caused by chemical washing is completely eliminated.

Antifouling Design and Production

The locally produced membranes used in GENMBR® modules are antifouling and eliminates the risk of fouling.

High Aeration Efficiency with 3-Point Air Stripping

Due to the design of GENMBR® modules, ventilation is applied from 3 different points, so the air stripping effect on the membranes is made much more efficient. It eliminates the fouling factor. In addition, it delays the chemical washing period of the membranes and reduces the cost of consumables to minimum levels.

High Treatment Efficiency Against Leaving Water Standards

The purification efficiency of GENMBR® systems against the tightening discharge standards provides a fully efficient treatment with removal efficiencies ranging from 95% to 99%, eliminating all problems in the discharge standards of your sector.

Efficient Area Using

Thanks to the hexagonal design of GENMBR® Systems, 20% more membrane area can be placed in the same reactor volume compared to other MBR modules. Therefore, since the packaging rate is very high, it uses the space extremely efficiently.

Effective Sludge Management

Since GENMBR® systems are operated at high sludge age, they reduce the amount of sludge formed by half. This not only reduces sludge management costs, but also eliminates the odor problem as the sludge formed is stabilized in the membrane pool.. strong> Also, since the sludge is already stabilized in the GENMBR® system, it reduces the polymer dosage required for sludge conditioning before the decanter. Our system provides undeniable advantages not only for biological treatment but also for your entire treatment plant.< /strong>

Full Automatic System

All components of the GENMBR® systems are connected to the automation system, and the status of the system can be monitored whenever you want, whether from the side of the system or from a distance of kilometers, and necessary interventions can be made.

With the GENMBR® system, it is operated in tank volumes in the size of a conventional activated sludge system, with a capacity of 3 times more. With this advantage, which is the operation of the GENMBR® system with high sludge age, we offer the most suitable solution for the facilities that want to increase capacity.


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