Lab And Pilot Scale Systems


Especially in high-capacity treatment projects, when specific information and design/operation data are required, or before starting large-scale studies in the treatment of pollutants that are very specific in terms of pollutant entrations or difficult to remove, the importance of laboratory or pilot-scale studies cannot be ignored. > In addition, the precision of small-scale works provides full efficiency in terms of performance in large-scale design or operation studies.

By using the knowledge and experience created by blending academic projects and real-scale application experiences, the design and production of laboratory and pilot scale systems for all your projects can be realized.

MEMSIS, which has carried out many projects with its experienced and open-minded expert staff, carries out the healthiest studies in the field of Domestic - Industrial Wastewater Treatment with its competent engineers and R&D staff, in lab and pilot scale studies, and designing projects according to the most appropriate results to be formed as a result of these studies. and design processes.

Innovative and sustainable projects in membrane systems.
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