Advanced Osmosis Systems


What Is Advanced Osmosis?

Forward osmosis is the process of spontaneous water diffusion across a semipermeable forward osmosis membrane between each other, based on this concentration difference of liquids at certain concentrations (osmotic pressures) on either side of the semipermeable membrane.

In nature, forward osmosis in trees is actually a natural process that takes place in our environment every day. Forward osmosis allows plants to move water from their root systems to their leaves. As another example, most organisms in nature transport water into and out of cells by the forward osmosis principle.

How The Advanced Osmosis System Works?

In general, membrane filters for water and wastewater treatment applications are fine, porous and permeable materials that can be used as selective barriers between aqueous solutions. Water or wastewater enters from one side of the membrane and exits as purified water from the other side, depending on the properties of the membrane, with the osmotic pressure created by a fluid that is denser than itself. The selectivity properties generally depend on the membrane pore diameters to prevent the contaminants and parameters from crossing the membrane.

What are the Advantages of Advanced Osmosis System?

Some of the most important advantages of advanced osmosis technology, which is one of the new generation technologies in water or wastewater treatment;

✓ Lower energy requirement,
✓ Easy cleaning,
✓ Higher membrane life,
✓ Lower chemical consumption

What are the wastewaters that can be used in Advanced Osmosis Systems?

✓ Salty sea waters,
✓ Mining wastewater,
✓ Wastewaters originating from petroleum,
✓ Garbage leachate,
✓ Food industry wastewater

As MEMSIS Environmental Technologies, we continue our studies on testing and application of the latest technologies by adopting continuous research and development as a principle. If you want to have more information about advanced osmosis processes, one of the newest wastewater treatment technologies, you can contact us at any time.

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