Hollow Fiber Membranes


Hollow fiber membranes used in GENMBR® modules are developed and produced in Turkey. Membranes produced with PVDF polymer are reinforced with a special support layer and made mechanically 5 times more durable. This allows for the prolongation of the membrane life, reducing the operating cost of the GENMBR® system and allowing the initial investment cost to be completed in a much shorter time. Considering the fees for water use, especially in our MBR facilities where water recycling is performed, is approx. The facility can pay for itself within 5 months. If you want to make such a development in terms of the control of wastewater in your facility, you can reach us at any time from our contact information and get detailed information about the subject from our experts.


Hollow fiber membranes used in GENMBR® modules have an average pore diameter of 0.03 µm and provide 95-98% removal efficiency to suspended solids, bacteria and other pathogens, and thus, very tight receiving environment discharge standards can be reached without difficulty< /strong>, or It can be reused in accordance with the purpose, as explained in the Wastewater Treatment Plant Technical Procedures Communiqué and International Standards.

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