GENUF® Modules

What is GENUF®?

GENUF® modules are pressure type membrane modules made of reinforced hollow fiber membranes. Membranes produced at ultrafiltration level are used to remove turbidity and microorganisms with high efficiency. It is produced locally using methods developed by Turkish engineers after a long R&D process. The fibers reinforced with the coating on the polyester support layer are unbreakable and unbreakable.
GENUF® (Reinforced Hollow Fiber Membrane) modules offer solutions applicable in many areas such as Underground water treatment, Surface water treatment, Wastewater treatment and Recovery. Main Application Areas;

  • • Tertiary treatment of sewage water (Water recovery applications)
  • • Pretreatment before reverse osmosis systems
  • • Industrial water production
  • • Industrial water recovery
  • • Leachate treatment

Outside-in filtration Mode

Filtration direction in GEN-UF modules is outside-in type. This allows the treatment of water with high turbidity as well as the easy cleaning of the membrane surface by backwashing and air stripping.

High Chemical Resistance with PVDF Polymer

PVDF polymer, which provides longer service life for membranes, provides high chlorine and acid resistance.

High mechanical strength and non-breaking fiber membranes with PET backing layer

The support layer used in the production of reinforced fiber membranes prevents the membranes from breaking and rupturing. Thus, it is ideal for applications requiring high pressure.


Possibility to operate in cross-flow and dead-end filtration mode, depending on the application can be placed.

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