GENMBR®️ Innovative Membran Bioreactor (MBR) Modules

What is GENMBR®?

GENMBR® Modules are membrane bioreactor (MBR) modules developed for the biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater.

GENMBR® Application Areas

In conventional activated sludge systems used in the biological treatment of wastewater, the separation of treated water from sludge is provided by a settling tank. In the GENMBR® system, the separation of purified water is made in the aeration pool with membranes, which are a physical barrier. Thus, the sludge concentration and sludge age can be kept high in the aeration tank, the operational problems seen in the settling tank are not encountered and the volume of the aeration tank is smaller. The water treated with membranes is of high quality and it is possible to recover water for different purposes. GENMBR® modules are also the most suitable modular systems for capacity increase and development of conventional activated sludge systems.

Main Advantages of MBR Systems Compared to Conventional Activated Sludge Systems

  • • Conventional activated sludge systems has final clarifiers for the seperation of solids from the liquid. The main advantage of the MBR process lies in the fact that settleability of sludge is not important since solid/liquid separation is undertaken by filtration.
  • • In GENMBR® system sludge age and concentration will be higher than conventional biological treatment. Therefore, plant capacity will be higher with lower footprint of plant area.
  • • Treatment quality of the MBR system is very high compared to standard activated sludge plants. High quality effluent water can be discharged into sea, lake and rivers. The effluent can also be used for water reuse applications.
  • • GENMBR® modules can be used for both domestic and industrial wastewater biological treatment.
  • • GENMBR® modules can be used for capacity expansion of conventional activated sludge systems.
  • • We are the first manufacturer of reinforced hollow fiber mebranes and GEN MBR modules, in Turkey.
  • • GEN MBR Modules are designed and manufactured by MEMSIS

GENMBR® Advantages

  • • Superior honeycomb design for homogeneous membrane distribution within the module
  • • Very high removal efficiency by reinforced PVDF membranes which is mechanically strong and resistant to chemicals.
  • • Periodic backwash and chemical backwash for fouling control
  • • Excellent aeration efficiency thanks to 4-point diffusor holes in honeycomb design


  • • GEN MBR modules has reinforced hollow fiber membranes which is made from polyester textile material with PVDF polymer coating. This type of membrane fiber is excellent for mechanical and chemical resistance.

  • • GEN MBR Reinforced hollow fiber membranes has a mean pore size of 0,04 μm. It can remove suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens with very high efficiency.


  • • 3 point air sparging in the honey comb design of GEN MBR module casettes provides extremely effective sweeping and waving of the hollow fibers. This creates 3x more shear stress compared to conventional MBR modules in the same size.

  • • This extreme 3 point air sparging integrated into the module cassettes allowing proper membrane fouling control.


  • • Thanks to the honeycomb design, fiber bundles have enough room to move freely and allows sludge deposits get back to mixed liqour.

  • • Custom size MBR modules and cassettes are available for your special flow rate capacities..

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